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Project selection criteria:

For projects to be selected and funded by FCL, they must satisfy the following:
  1. Be aligned to the Foundation’s key focus areas.
  2. Be subject to FCL’s requirement for baseline studies or assessments including information that supports a need for the project.
  3. Be replicable in all 6 geo-political zones of the country namely; North-West, North-East, South-West, South-South, South-East, North-Central.
  4. Solely “not for profit” i.e. have no commercial intentions.
  5. Purely for CSR objectives.
  6. Be sustainable for the near future.
  7. Have a broad community impact, both direct and indirect.
  8. Not be for the construction or development of physical infrastructure that would not constitute part of FCL Foundation projects.
  9. Be for beneficiaries within Nigeria

Partners selection criteria:

For Partner organisations to be selected to collaborate with FCLF, they must satisfy the following:
  1. An incorporated entity in operation for at least 2 years.
  2. Have a proven record of successfully implementing projects.
  3. Demonstrate technical expertise in the focus area of the project.
  4. Show evidence of adequate manpower and a reputable Board and management profile.
  5. Have a functional financial system and audited financial statement.
  6. Have adequate geographical presence in relation to the roll out plan of the proposed project.


Changing Lives Foundation was incorporated in 2016 to drive the various CSR initiatives of FIG Global Company It was commissioned in August 16th 2016 with FIG Global Company committing up to 1% of its Profit after Tax (PAT) as its main source of funding for projects. Changing Lives Foundation has invested over NGN 21 Million in the 6 states of the federation and FCT, with over 90 projects across the country. More is is going on.



We care deeply about what binds us, what defines us…our values.

Thousands of people make up our MTN family, divided by rivers, lakes and oceans, separated by mountains, valleys and kilometers. What can be accomplished through such diversity is for each individual to bring his or her own distinctive skill sets, talent and passion to their work. Within this unique fusion of diverse cultures, languages, backgrounds, experiences and influences, it is our cohesion that unites us. We share the same vision, we share the same values and we share the same success.

Vision: To deliver a bold, new digital world to our customers

Mission: To make our customers’ lives a whole lot brighter

  • Foresight, Commitment, Guidance
  • Building a future for our people and the customers we serve
  • Leading the way through connectivity enablement
  • Simplicity, Imagination, Insight, Creativity.
  • Doing things differently.
  • Making unlikely connections.
  • The unexpected exceeds expectations.
  • Teamwork, friendly.
  • Personal, warm and caring; connecting with people on ‘their level’.
  • Showing empathy for their unique situations.
  • Building relationships with our customers (internal and external).
  • Optimism, Future focus.
  • Passionate, Happening.
  • Creating brighter futures.
  • Empowering people, communities and countries.
  • Creating possibility.
  • Solid Principles, Trusted,
  • Togetherness.
  • We are, because of you, our customer.
  • We are, because of you, our employee.
  • With your trust and belief, we will always succeed.



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Discover Changing Lives!

Start thinking about the foremost changing Live platform that is creating values and having A place for everyone, a school for every believer, a provision for every mission, a solution for every nations, an army of love and harvest, a prize for every beautiful mindset, a bliss for every sick/helpless/ less privilege and a service to humanity… We it comes to life transformation we need you to reachout to your family, friend and communities. Partnering with us is indeed a great privilege and a blessing towards helping, support, caring and love humanity at large. All in need to do is to believe in yourself that you can make changes and transform lives positively daily.

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