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This period happen to be the First Time we are granting funds to over 2000 Children in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo  State and Nigeria at a Large. They all stand to collect free foods, drinks and some mutual benefits. Thanks for our partners for all their loving support.

Welcome to a new world. This season we are planting on over 300 hectares of land as we're budgeting to provide food, shelter, school, resource and more and also providing over 3,000 jobs and career opportunities for our world at whole. See Here

We are empowering daily and ensuring everyone is learning and earning from this. Going forward, we want to make our 1million people a millionaire in 2021. Presently we have over 30,000 and as the plan and massive support from all our partner increase, we're achieving this goals and dreams.. 

Food Bliss

Everyday we're enriching lives daily with massive feeding programming with our FOODBank Initiatives to Everyday Families as that of your families, friends can also enjoy from this food bliss.

HealthCare Bliss

Health is wealth, join us as we partner with licensed health section/industries to keep saving lives of our people, community and world at large

EduFirst Bliss

Alphabetic village and its sublines is the road that leads to worlds tomorrow leaders, ambassador and hero's as we give Everyday CHILD with world-class education masterpiece.

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How it Works

Become a Changing lives Donor: Opening an Account. Follow through to be authorize as Donor/Campaign Manager. Thereafter, you will need to TopUp your ewallet (i.e. Project Fund) and start your campaign on the various projects as to help the needs, create jobs/career and support your community at large.

Apply for Projects

Start and manage campaigns, engage with supporters as you also create projects for your communties having your family, friends and everyone to benefits from this projects from our World Donors that are currently looking for trusted partners to send grants and funds in aim towards changing lives.

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Start thinking about the foremost changing Live platform that is creating values and having A place for everyone, a school for every believer, a provision for every mission, a solution for every nations, an army of love and harvest, a prize for every beautiful mindset, a bliss for every sick/helpless/ less privilege and a service to humanity… When it comes to life transformation, we need you to reachout to your family, friend and communities. Partnering with us is indeed a great privilege and a blessing towards helping, support, caring and love humanity at large. All you need to do is to believe in yourself that you can make changes and transform lives positively daily.

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Contact Us: 09079999357, 08114446550

e-mail: travin.ng@alaafin.com.ng

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