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The most trusted and secure cloud crypto wallet. Send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies!.

We are building the cryptoeconomy – a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto.

We started in 2013 with the radical idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to easily and securely send and receive Bitcoin. Today, we offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for accessing the broader cryptoeconomy.

Customers around the world discover and begin their journeys with crypto through Coinbase.

Belvin Wallet powers the cryptoeconomy.

Approximately 2 million verified users, 2,000 institutions, and 1,000 ecosystem partners in over 54 countries trust Belvin Wallet to easily and securely invest, spend, save, earn, and use crypto.



What is Crypto?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto are revolutionizing how we invest, bank, and use money. Read this beginner's guide to learn more.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world's first widely adopted cryptocurrency — it allows for secure and seamless peer-to-peer transactions on the internet.


Market Updates

Understand the news and events behind the latest market moves.

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Trusted cryptocurrency platform

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Belvin Wallet

Secure storage

We store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure offline storage.

Protected by insurance

Coinbase maintains crypto insurance and all USD cash balances are covered by FDIC insurance, up to a maximum of $340,000.

Industry best practices

Coinbase supports a variety of the most popular digital currencies.


Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your computer..

No Downtimes

Belvin Wallet servers are decentralized and redundant. Your wallet is never down.

Proof Checking

Belvin Wallet Wallet verifies all the transactions in your history using SPV.

Instant On

Belvin Wallet is fast, because it uses servers that index the Bitcoin blockchain.

Safeguarding your funds and your privacy is our number one objective.

Belvin Wallet takes a comprehensive approach to protecting your investments. Our team of experts have built in a number of sophisticated measures to prevent the theft of money or information. Theft isn't the only threat of course. As a professional exchange we offer financial stability, with full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance. .

We’ve assembled a global team of top security professionals who take a risk-based approach to ensuring our clients’ assets are protected at the highest levels while maintaining exceptional performance and an unparalleled client experience. Our team has decades of experience building security programs for the world’s top brands, investigating the largest consumer data breaches, developing security technology trusted by millions of businesses and discovering vulnerabilities in the technology used by billions of people every day.

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